Welcome to the Stop Teacher Bullying website – the purpose of this site is to expose the issue and to improve policy and enforcement of laws. Fortunately, teacher bullying isn’t the norm; however, teacher bullying can be life-threatening with students turning towards suicide as a solution. There are too few laws, too many loopholes, ignorance and confusion on ownership of enforcement, and a lack of educator accountability. Student voices are mostly silent or not heard. Adults need to protect the health, safety and future of our children. You can be the voice these children need.

The website administrator, Julie, has been a child advocate for over 30 years, primarily for abused, neglected and special education students. Julie has taught math and computer science in public schools for 10 years. She has spent 15 years in industry focusing on improving K-12 education. Julie has a master’s degree from Harvard University in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Adolescents at Risk. Julie is passionate about child advocacy and improving public policy in the area of teacher bullying. She welcomes your participation in the journey and your support to implement solutions.

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